November 2023 Newsletter

November is Fundraising month at NSP!

The comic Steve Martin once famously quipped, “It’s easy to raise a million dollars. First you raise a million dollars….” 2023 has been a busy year for NSP. With few funds, we have increased our reach to over 2,300 individuals through our monthly newsletters and our new Educational Sessions. Readers open 45 percent of the emails we send, and the website gets an average of 100 views per day.

But we need more than this to build a bold movement to achieve national single payer!

We must shatter the government silence and complicity that relinquishes our public program for seniors, retirees, and people with disabilities on Medicare to corporate profiteers. We must raise the demand for a health care system based on the principles that health care is a human right, must be free from corporate profit, and can only be achieved through national legislation.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 by January 31, 2024. An anonymous donor will match donations dollar for dollar, so in three months, we could raise $10,000. With these funds, we will hire a part-time Communications Director, develop a participatory website, and grow our social media.

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NSP highlights retirees forced into Medicare Advantage fighting for their rights!

Beginning 2024, ATT workers will lose their Traditional Medicare and be forced into United Health Care Advantage Plans

That same month, Presbyterian Church retirees will lose their Traditional Medicare and be forced into Humana Advantage Plans: Medicare Advantage.

Boeing retirees are getting dropped from their supplemental plans and forced into Aetna Medicare Advantage.

Once trapped in Medicare Advantage, retirees won’t have a hospital to go to because hospitals are dropping Medicare Advantage left and right!

But, by organizing massive resistance to Medicare Advantage,
retirees in DelawareNew York CityVermont, and Cortland County, NY, are winning–in battles that are far from over.

Read about “Whipping Egg-Whips: How Retirees Are Winning Battles Against Medicare Advantage” by Kay Tillow.


Join National Single Payer Wednesday, Nov 8 at 5pm PT / 8pm ET as we welcome Marianne Pizzitola, President of the NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees, who will present Fighting for Our Lives: The Battle Against Corporate Health Care. This month, NSP investigates how Medicare Advantage has forced itself into retiree health plans amidst general confusion. The movement that Marianne has organized is making a tremendous contribution to educating the public about the detrimental nature of Medicare Advantage. She is an inspiration and is pointing us in the direction of a bold activism. Marianne’s experience and wisdom will help us put people into motion for the health care system we must win. Let’s take this retiree fight national!

Watch Marianne in Action

Thinking of Switching your retirees into a Medicare Advantage, think again – YouTube

Marianne Pizzitola & CM Robert Holden Have a Conversation on City Retirees HealthCare – YouTube

Do you love podcasts? You’ll love this one. Listen to The Real Mccoy in Healthcare with Dr. Claire Cohen

Episode 001: The Real McCoy
Drs. Claire M. Cohen and Ana Malinow introduce the Real McCoy! 
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Episode 002: What’s the Matter with Medicare
Dr. Cohen interviews Kay Tillow, Chair of Kentuckians for Single Payer Healthcare, Steering Committee member for National Single Payer and member of Physicians For a National Health Program.
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Listen to Jess Conrad’s Presentation from Last Month’s Education Session:

Libby Medicare and the Public Health Emergency in East Palestine

Watch the video here and sign the petition.