January 2024 Newsletter

2023 NSP Highlights

National Single Payer was busy in 2023. We held 4 Educational Webinars attended by almost 500 activists, published 5 newsletters, launched The Real McCoy in Healthcare podcast, and published 7 articles.

What is NSP planning for 2024? Be part of a bold movement to achieve national single payer!

NSP January Webinar: McMedicare for All!

On January 10 at 5pm PST / 8pm EST join National Single Payer’s webinar: “McMedicare for All: What Privatization Means for the Single Payer Movement” presented by Ana Malinow, MD.

The day Ana read that Kroger was moving its business into primary care centers for seniors, all the pieces of the puzzle came together. Medicare for All was fast becoming McMedicare for All. In a health care “accommodation” (because it’s too generous to call it a system) that is so corrupt and compromised, how can single payer activists fight for Medicare for All, public funding but private delivery owned by Kroger and Best Buy and Amazon?

The webinar takes the participant from “Taking Advantage of Medicare” to “The Menace of Value-Based Care” to “The Way Out.” Join the conversation that single payer activists must have right now, when U.S. health care is more compromised, corrupt, and commodified than ever. What alternatives to “Medicare for All” can we imagine? What would a transition to public, community-based ownership, something akin to the National Health Service, look like? How do we find the gears that connect with popular sentiment so we can move masses of people in the direction of justice?

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The Real McCoy in Healthcare podcast

In Fall 2023, NSP launched “The Real McCoy in Healthcare” podcast, a series of interviews about real health care reform in the U.S. The Real McCoy harkens back to an important advancement achieved by African Americans in the 19th century. We believe that like the Real McCoy, African Americans will continue to play a crucial role in the advancement of health care reform. For more on the genesis of the Real McCoy, we invite you to listen to the first introductory episode of the podcast.

We have published 3 episodes, “The Real McCoy,” “What’s the Matter with Medicare,” and “African Americans and Single Payer Healthcare.” Our upcoming fourth episode focuses on Labor. In 2024, we hope to publish a new episode every Friday. Links to the first three episodes are below:

Episode 001: The Real McCoy
Drs. Claire M. Cohen and Ana Malinow introduce the Real McCoy! 
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Episode 002: What’s the Matter with Medicare
Dr. Cohen interviews Kay Tillow, Chair of Kentuckians for Single Payer Healthcare, Steering Committee member for National Single Payer and member of Physicians For a National Health Program.
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Episode 003: African Americans and Single Payer Healthcare
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Donate to NSP

Help us reach our goal of $5,000. An anonymous donor will match donations dollar for dollar until we reach our goal. With these funds, we plan to hire a part-time Communications Director, develop a participatory website, and grow our social media presence.

November Webinar Recap

Listen to Marianne Pizzitola’s Presentation from November’s Educational Webinar: Fighting for Our Lives: The Battle Against Corporate Health Care here on Vimeo.

Register for the Working Group Session

Do you want to get down to the joy of working for national single payer? Join us January 24, 2024 5pm PST / 8pm EST for the NSP Working Group Session. This is where the work of educating, activating, organizing, and mobilizing happens!

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